Kowhai July uses and supplies Plexiglas Gallery® Acrylic.

Plexiglas Gallery® filters out destructive UV rays, providing at least 99.7% UV protection and complying with the highest conservation requirements, unlike conventional glass.

Economical, lightweight and strong.

Clearly the smart choice.


Features of Plexiglas Gallery®:
- Lightweight (at the same thickness, it's half the weight of conventional glass)
- Strong
- 99.7% UV Protection
- Good gauge control
- Economical
- Antistatic surface - coating on both sides to reduce electrostatic charge
- Easy clean - warm water and soft cloth
- Can be cut with circular or jigsaw or with a scoring knife up to 3mm thick
- Available in anti-glare


Kowhai July can put together display solutions to suit your art, photography & design using a range of mounting solutions together with Plexiglas Gallery®.


Your gallery or your home; Kowhai July offers customized options so call now with your ideas and we can put together a solution to suit.



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